Here's a quick summary of what we can offer...

Other Stuff / Your Imagination

We really are very skilled so if you've got something in mind that isn't listed here - get in touch and we will make it happen.  

Interactive Installations

Write a message, create a bottle of goodwill and gift a stranger, make a pet lemon, add to a wishing tree, create a collaborative piece that builds and grows over the course of the event and represents everyone's wonderfulness. Keep it forever, take pictures, share something. 

Games Wheel Extravaganza!

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Bad Advice Booths

Roaming Characters

We will add awe and wonder to your event through the introduction of roaming characters who will interact with your guests, have special missions they require their help with and/or will just join in on the party. These characters can be tailored to your theme. We can create a new world enveloping your existing one! 

Big Brother Diary Rooms

We will create a wonderful little magical space where people can tell their stories to camera in your very own 'Big Brother Diary Room'. We will then edit this footage and you will have brilliant documentation of your event and/or useful research on a particular question or theme. 

Glitter Designs

We will come. We will glitter! We will use stuff that is kind to the planet. We will make everyone look and feel fabulous. Your party / event will be the talk of the town. We are lovely and create an atmosphere be bigging people up whilst we glitter them up! 

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